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JM2010 Contributed Paper: Elevated Practices for Long Distance Collaborations

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Posted by Debra Schneider, Librarian, Scottsdale Healthcare, Scottsdale, AZ

Contributed Paper: Elevated Practices for Long Distance Collaborations.  Bramble, John; Champ-Blackwell, Siobhan; Hamasu, Claire; Mishra, Ruicha; Barnes, Susan J.; Ryan, Jeanette L.

What do you do when you want to provide rural outreach services to an underserved population, and then have to factor in that the library partners collaborating are also separated by geographic distance – a lot of distance? This challenge faced two groups of librarians serving the Southwest, particularly the Four Corner states (which are? – quick! -Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico).  Distance and different time zones not-withstanding, these groups were eager to identify effective practices and opportunities for collaboration to meet the health information needs of the Native population and their health care providers.

Progress to date has included a survey to all members, a focus group, and many discussions to identify effective practices. One outcome has been the development of the Outreach Connections: Native Health Information Wiki This wiki is aimed at provides a collaborative space on the Internet for librarians, patient educators, and others providing health information to exchange information about research, resources, and training experiences.   Efforts in 2010 will be to promote wiki use – please help get the word out!  And for the geeks among us (she said proudly), you may also want to visit the community portal for announcements and discussion about the site itself.

Posted 1/29/10


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