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JM2010: Invited Speaker: David Rothman, “A Refreshing Take on Technology Trends”

Posted on February 5, 2010 by ebrennan | 1 Comment

By Marsha Kmec, Director of Library Services, Olive View/UCLA Medical Center

Invited Speaker: David Rothman, Information Services Specialist, Community General Hospital Medical Library, Syracuse, NY, “A Refreshing Take on Technology Trends”

Everything old is new again. Well, that adage really doesn’t apply when we listen to what David Rothman had to say during the Joint Meeting about emerging and evolving technologies, past and present.

The first plenary session “A Refreshing Take on Technology Trends” was
nostalgic, especially for those who have been in the library profession for decades. We’ll never take our memory sticks for granted after viewing the computer memory storage “units” of the 60’s and 70’s that were perhaps eight to ten times larger (or more) than the Smart Car. David’s trip down memory lane was compelling considering he is only in his early thirties.

We’re amazed at the change in technology, especially in relation to older computers. Their size, capacity and limited memory/storage capability intrigued many of us at the time, but you just have to wonder what was  going through David’s mind as he presented these images of  state-of-the-art developments from the past. Many of us vividly remember vinyl records, 8 tracks, microfiche and even the Dictaphone;  however David’s presentation, delivered with energy, and enthusiasm made us all feel comfortable with the wonders yet to come.

Posted 2/5/10


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