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MLGSCA Professional Award

Posted on February 5, 2016 by Deborah Farber | No Comments

On behalf of the Awards Committee:
Consider applying, deadline is Feb. 15th


To support professional development activities including attendance at classes, conferences and meetings;

To provide MLGSCA members with the opportunity to increase their competence in the theoretical, administrative and/or technical aspects of librarianship.


The applicant must:

1. Be a regular member of MLGSCA;
2. Hold a graduate degree in library/information science;
3. Be a practicing medical librarian with at least two years of professional experience;
4. Be willing to write at least a 500 word summary on the event for the MLGSCA blog;
5. Not have received this award in the past three years.
Consideration will be given to outstanding candidates who do not meet all of the eligibility criteria.


Awards range from $100 – $500.
More than one award may be granted in a year.
Awards Committee screens applications and recommends candidate(s) to the Advisory Council of MLGSCA which has authority to grant the award(s).


1. Print out the application form and complete it.
(A paper copy of the form is printed in the MLGSCA Directory)
2. A MS Word version of the form can be filled out online and submitted as an attachment to the Committee Chair, Laura Stubblefield (see address on form).
3. Forms are also available from the chair of the Awards Committee, or from the Secretary of MLGSCA.
4. Deadlines: September 15th; February 15th.

For more information, please contact:

Lisa A. Marks, MLS, AHIP
Director of Libraries
Instructor, Medical Education
College of Medicine
Phone (480) 301-4422
Fax (480) 301-7005


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