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Run for MLGSCA Office!

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Dear MLGSCA Members,

The Nominating Committee is tasked with finding eligible candidates for the upcoming 2019 election. We have identified a few candidates; however, we would like to hear from you by either self-nomination (perfectly acceptable – in fact highly encouraged!) or sharing a colleague’s name for possible inclusion on the upcoming ballot.

We are seeking to fill the following offices:

President-Elect/ Continuing Education Chair: 3-year term (President-elect, President, Immediate Past-President)

Treasurer: 2-year term

It might seem overwhelming to run for office, but I can speak from personal experience serving as MLGSCA President for one term. Being an officer of the Chapter has provided me with a tremendous amount of professional growth and allowed me to make some great friends!

Please look for additional information concerning these positions in the MLGSCA Manual and Bylaws on our Chapter’s web site

However, please also feel free to contact any of the members of the Nominating Committee.


Caroline Marshall, Nominating Committee Chair

New Member Publications

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Congratulations to Past President Caroline Marshall on being a co-author of two recently published articles:

Marshall C, Fields B, Sarsozo L. Rethinking the Patient Education Council Format to Increase Efficiency. Journal of Consumer Health online. 2019

Ansyran L, RN,MSN,CNS, Marshall C, MLS, AHIP, Aronow HU, PhD, Chan A, MN, RN, CNS, CCRN, Coleman B, Ph.D, ACNP-BC, FAHA, FAAN. Inspiring Writing in Nursing (IWIN) – A Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Led Program Clinical Nurse Specialist: The International Journal for Advanced Practice Nursing. 2019

JMLA Wants You! To Write a Review!

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Each issue of JMLA includes a Resource Review Section and we are looking for contributors!  The content scope is broad and can include electronic resources, software, and other technology tools, library specific or not, that would be of use or interest to medical librarians or in medical libraries.

We need your help in two ways:  we need your suggestions for products to review, and we need authors to write the reviews.  To inspire you to jump at this opportunity, here are the top 5 reasons to write a JMLA Resource Review:

5. Writing a review provides a great opportunity to get published in the leading peer-reviewed journal for medical librarians.

4. You can gain valuable experience as an author.  Whether this is your first time writing, or you are a highly published author, we welcome your submission!  We will provide advice, assistance, and as much editing as you need to get your review ready for publication.

3. AHIP points!

2. Get to know a product or tool in depth!

AND, the number one reason to write a JMLA Resource Review:

1. Share your expertise with your colleagues.  Busy professionals do not have time to stay up to date with every new software package, product, or new tool that comes on the market.  By exploring a resource in depth and reviewing it for JMLA, you can introduce your colleagues to something new that may help them or their users – and which they might never have known about without your review!!!

Convinced yet?  Contact the JMLA Resource Review Co-Editors, Ellen Aaronson ( or Lisa Marks (

To see what these reviews look like, please refer to the past few issues of JMLA.  We also have an instruction for authors sheet we can share with you.

Make Tracks to Chicago from May 3 – 8, 2019!

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Make tracks to Chicago from May 3–8, 2019! The 2019 MLA National Program Committee and the 2019 Local Assistance Committee are mapping out an exciting and motivating meeting with many stops and destinations.

The theme of the meeting, “Elevate,” is derived from Chicago’s iconic elevated (the “L” or “El”) transit system. The “L” is one of the oldest, most extensive rapid transit systems in the country and was voted one of the seven wonders of Chicago. We hope that, like the “L,” MLA ’19 will elevate the profession and deliver you to the destination you seek, be it learning, service, partnership, fun, or friendship.

See more at

I Heard It through the Grapevine – Twitter Correspondents Wanted for MLA’19

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I Heard It through the Grapevine – Twitter Correspondents Wanted for MLA’19

Become an #mlanet19 tweeter extraordinaire and earn AHIP points!

Official Meeting Twitter Correspondents engage attendees by promoting and live tweeting MLA ’19 Elevate activities, events, and more. As a correspondent, you provide a unique perspective about the MLA ’19 meeting and begin a larger conversation of the event. You can Tweet before and during the meeting.

Blog correspondents earn a maximum of 1 AHIP point upon completion of 3 Tweets. Join the Twitter Correspondent team to promote and live tweet MLA ’19 Elevate meeting events and to share your unique Chicago conference story.

The MLA’19 hashtag is #mlanet19 and the official MLA Twitter account can be found viewed here.

Sign up using our online application by April 1, 2018. 

See more at

Money for Nothing and Your Trips for Free

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(There are book titles playing on the original catchy lyrics of that song – just like this title – but more on that at a later time)

Looking for a way to fund your MLA travel? MLA offers 10 Annual Meeting Travel Grants of up to $1,000 each for travel and meeting-related expenses. Applicants must be members of MLA, be employed as a health information professional with 2–5 years of experience at the time of the meeting, and complete an online form with a 200-word statement of intention.

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Elevate Yourself with a Continuing Education Course at MLA’19

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MLA ’19 ELEVATE continuing education (CE) courses in Chicago, IL, will take place on Friday, May 3, and Saturday, May 4, 2019. CE courses support health sciences librarians and other information professionals in adapting to rapidly changing environments, transforming their collections and service models, and leading important new changes in education, research, and librarianship.

Continuing Education courses at MLA’19 are now being listed under professional practice areas (just as the Immersion sessions, Papers, Posters, and Lightning Talks) – Information Services, information Management, Education, Professionalism & Leadership, Innovation & Research Practice, Clinical Support, and Global Health & Health Equity. Find the course that meets your needs. Elevate Yourself!

See more at

Register for MLA ’19

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Registration and lodging reservations are open for MLA ’19, occurring May 3-8 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. This year’s conference will feature 105 papers, 52 lightning talks, over 200 posters, and four plenary speakers. Of particular interest to our chapter, MLGSCA member Jerry Perry will deliver this year’s Janet Doe lecture. Attendees should register by April 3, 2019, in order to take advantage of early bird rates with a discount of up to $100.

MLGSCA Research Grant

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Working on or considering a research project?  MLGSCA is proud to be able to offer grants of up to $500 that support research on topics and issues in health sciences librarianship. Of particular interest are projects that are practical in nature so that results can easily be put to use in other libraries. Group proposals are also encouraged!  Please see grant description regarding eligibility, requirements, and proposal guidelines.  For more information, contact Janene Wandersee, MLGSCA Research Chairperson.  Applications will be accepted through December 7, 2018.

2019 Joint Meeting Call for Proposals

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The Northern California/Nevada Medical Library Group and the Medical Library Group of Southern California/Arizona are accepting proposals for our 2019 Joint Meeting, to be held June 12-14, 2019 in San Francisco, CA. Our meeting theme is “Critical health sciences librarianship: examining our role in social justice”.

All papers, posters, lightning talks and special content sessions should reflect the conference theme of critical librarianship. Critical librarianship, rooted in critical theory, is about applying principles of social justice to our work in libraries.

We challenge everyone to get creative! Critical librarianship isn’t a separate facet of librarianship; it involves ideas and principles we can all take on in our work each day.

You can incorporate the theme into your submission by….

 1. Presenting on a topic related to critical librarianship

(i.e. a project that focuses on providing library services to vulnerable populations; plus more examples here)

 2. Using a critical librarianship lens to present your work and share ideas

(i.e. discussing how to shape health sciences collections in an antiracist way; additional examples here)

 3. Using critical teaching methods in the presentation of your work

(i.e. incorporating time for discussion into your presentation or other examples here)

Submissions for papers, posters, lightning talks, and special content sessions are being accepted here: until March 4. Students and new library workers are welcome and encouraged to submit!  For more information about these presentation formats, please see the call for proposals website,


For questions regarding Papers, Lightning talks, and Special content sessions:

Please email Rebecca Bayrer:

 Rebecca Bayrer                                               


 For questions regarding POSTERS:

Please email to Hella Bluhm-Stieber or Carmen Huddleston:

Hella Bluhm-Stieber

 Carmen Huddleston



New Member Publication

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Current MLGSCA president Kelli Hines is a co-author of a new article in the Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy: Accuracy and Usability of Medication Identifiers for Solid Oral Medications.” Kelli collaborated with three colleagues from the College of Pharmacy at her institution, Western University of Health Sciences, in Pomona, California.

Professional Development Award

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On behalf of the Awards Committee:


DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 15, 2018



To support professional development activities including attendance at classes, conferences and meetings;

To provide MLGSCA members with the opportunity to increase their competence in the theoretical, administrative and/or technical aspects of librarianship.


The applicant must:

  1. Be a regular member of MLGSCA;
  2. Hold a graduate degree in library/information science;
  3. Be a practicing medical librarian with at least two years of professional experience;
  4. Be willing to write at least a 500 word summary on the event for the MLGSCA blog;
  5. Not have received this award in the past three years.

Consideration will be given to outstanding candidates who do not meet all of the eligibility criteria.


Awards range from $100 – $500.
More than one award may be granted in a year.
Awards Committee screens applications and recommends candidate(s) to the Advisory Council of MLGSCA which has authority to grant the award(s).


  1. Print out the application form and complete it.
    (A paper copy of the form is printed in the MLGSCA Directory)
  2. A MS Word version of the form can be filled out online and submitted as an attachment to the Committee Chair, Laura Stubblefield (see address on form).
  3. Forms are also available from the chair of the Awards Committee, or from the Secretary of MLGSCA.
  4. Deadlines: September 15th; February 15th.

Standards for Judging:

Criteria may include the applicant’s academic achievement, library experience, career objectives, or service to the profession.

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