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NNLM Region 5 Collection Equity Outreach Awards

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The Network of the National Library of Medicine Region 5 (NNLM Region 5), under cooperative agreement with the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), is pleased to announce the release of its Collection Equity Outreach funding opportunity.

The funding opportunity is designed to support the Network of the National Library of Medicine’s mission to advance the progress of medicine and improve the public health by:


NNLM Region 5’s Collection Equity Outreach Awards are designed to help build collections that are reflective of voices of the communities served which may be revealed through different genres such as graphic medicine, fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, Young Adult, manuscripts (published and unpublished), oral histories and film. Expanding diverse voices in libraries (all types), public health agencies, academic programs, or community organizations ensures collection equity and supports health literacy by illuminating health issues either common, or conversely, unique to under-served populations in NNLM Region 5, including Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and the U.S. Territories and Freely Associated States in the Pacific.


Questions? Please reach out to Michele Spatz, NNLM Region 5 Outreach and Engagement Coordinator at:

NNLM Region 4 Invites Applicants for Awards

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The Network of the National Library of Medicine, Region 4 (NNLM Region 4) invites applications for health information outreach, programming projects, and professional development opportunities. We want to see your application.

The mission of the Network of the National Library of Medicine is to advance the progress of medicine, improve public health by providing U.S. health professionals with equal access to biomedical information, and improve individuals’ access to information to enable them to make informed decisions about their health. Under a Cooperative Agreement with the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the University of Utah Health Sciences Library System serves as the Regional Medical Library for NNLM Region 4.

Period of Performance: September 2, 2021 – April 15, 2022

Due Date: August 7th, 2021

Notification of Awards: August 20th, 2021

Eligibility: Network-member organizations in Region 4 (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota) are eligible to apply. Membership is FREE and open to libraries, community-based organizations, clinics, public health departments and other organizations that provide or distribute health information.

Awards to NNLM Region 4 member organizations help advance the goals of the NLM Strategic Plan and help us achieve two National Network Performance Measures:

Engage Network members in carrying out the mission of NNLM.

Maintain a robust outreach and education program reaching the region’s communities and responsive to their needs.

Available awards include:

Professional Development Award

The purpose of this award is to support the professional development needs of librarians/information professionals and library/information school students* at NNLM Region 4 member institutions to improve their ability to grow and advance their skills as health information professionals.

* Supports travel awards for students and health occupation students interested in a health information, career, with a maximum amount of $2,000.

For more information about this award please visit:

Program Improvement Award

The purpose of these awards is to support short-term projects that involve program improvement to advance access to health information resources. We anticipate funding approximately four awards in our region (AZ, NM, CO, UT, WY, ID, MT, ND and SD) each consisting of approximately $5,000 dollars.

For more information about this award please visit:

Engagement and Outreach Award

The purpose of these awards is to develop new or enhance existing collaborative projects among all library types to increase awareness and use of NLM resources. We look forward to funding five awards ranging in approximately $5,000 dollars.

For more information about this award please visit:

RML staff members are available to answer questions about the awards, or to discuss potential project ideas. email us at: .

We look forward to seeing your proposals!


NNLM Region 5 to Support NLM Webinar for Members

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NNLM Region 5 is happy to provide access for our network members to the following Medical Library Association webinar:

Getting by With a Little Help from Your (Institutional Research) Friends: Building Relationships to Advance Data Support

July 13th, 11am – 12:30pm PT (10am – 11:30am Alaska / 8am – 9:30am HST / 7am – 8:30am SST -Samoa / July 14th, 4am – 5:30am ChST -Guam)

If you would like to attend live or watch the recordings later, please have each interested individual register here by July 9th to ensure your spot.

They may be able to accommodate late registrations, but they can’t guarantee it, so please register by July 9th if at all possible!

-NNLM Region 5

Deadline Extended for MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award

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The deadline for the MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award has been extended until August 1.


The purpose of the MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award is to honor an outstanding library staff in a health sciences library and to recognize the critical role and important contributions library staff make to the development and evolution of modern health sciences libraries and librarianship.


Considerations/criteria for nominating a library staff for this award include, but are not limited to, a library staff without a Library Master’s degree that:

Nominations can be made by any MLGSCA member and sent to the Awards Committee Chair, a position I have just assumed. Please see the link below for the nomination forms:


MLGSCA Election Results

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The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2021 MLGSCA Election.


President-elect: Judy Kraemer

Secretary: Ivan Portillo

Treasurer: Kevin Pardon

MLGSCA Chapter Council Representative: Danielle Linden

MLGSCA Chapter Council Representative, Alternate: Mary White

Nominating Committee: Nora Franco and Andrea Lynch

MLA Nominating Committee Candidate: Susan Lessick


Thank you on behalf of MLGSCA and the Nominating Committee for voting and our candidates for accepting their nominations to run.


Elisa Cortez, Nominating Committee Chair

MLGSCA Immediate Past President

MLGSCA Officer Candidates

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MLGSCA 2021 Election – Slate of Officer Candidates

Judy Kraemer

MLGSCA has provided me with a professional network since 1992 when I graduated from UCLA and began my medical librarian career. My MLGSCA network has guided and supported me when working in various corporate, academic, and hospital settings. I developed my MLGSCA network by attending MLGSCA meetings and events and by serving MLGSCA in leadership positions: MLGSCA MLA Chapter Council Representative 2018-2021, Technology Symposium Co-Chair 2008-2009 and Planning Committee 2011-2012, Joint Meeting Co-Chair 2002-2005 and Planning Committee 2008-2010. I’ve served as the Chair of the Government Relations and Bylaws and the Professional Issues Committees and currently serve on the Professional Issues Committee. I am confident that I know MLGSCA and would be honored to serve as a MLGSCA President.

Statement of Aims: My leadership goal for the three-year term (President Elect, President, and Past President) is to develop and strengthen member networks. We are individually stronger when united together via professional networks that MLGSCA provides. While working with MLGSCA members, I’d like to create new ways for members to meet and truly get to know each other. One idea is to establish in-person or virtual member meet ups to cover topics of interest or just as social functions. Another idea is to pair new and student members with established members to provide instant supportive contacts and new friendships. With strong MLGSCA networks, I believe our members would experience support they need.
I have experienced the need for professional networks differently in each work setting. When at an academic library (UCI, UCLA, USC, WesternU, CSULA), I became part of an established professional network at work but when at a corporate and hospital library, I did not. I currently work solo at St. Mary Medical Center, in Long Beach, CA. I also currently benefit from MLA networks including the Hospital Librarian Caucus but know that all MLGSCA members are not MLA members. I believe MLGSCA can do more for its members! In addition to networking hospital librarians, I envision networking all academic librarians with the hospital librarians that will serve their students during intern and residency years and beyond. I see big gaps in library support throughout a life time and know MLGSCA could help fill some gaps. For example, if every hospital executive knew medical librarians came with professional networks, they would want to employ medical librarians with such connections and would support their success. The employment of more hospital librarians would help close the gaps between university library support and no library support in hospitals. Our MLGSCA networks would have the power to improve information access where it is often critical, at a patient’s bedside.
I look forward to working with you, getting to know you, and to supporting all members of MLGSCA over the next three years. Thank you!

Debra Schneider
Deb Schneider has been with HonorHealth for 16 years and is currently the Network Manager for Library Services and Continuing Medical Education. Since joining MLGSCA in 2010 she has served as a Research Committee member, chaired the MLGSCA Research Committee from 2012 – 2017, and served as co-chair of the hospitality committee for the 2018 MLGSCA and NCNMLG Joint Meeting. Deb also served as President of the Arizona Health Information Network (AzHIN) in 2018 and as a CABL officer for 7 years (Treasurer 2012-2015, Pres-Elect/President/Past President 2016-18). Prior to joining HonorHealth, Deb was the Agency Co-Director at Valley Center of the Deaf providing grant writing and overseeing the Client Services Division of the agency. Deb is a recently “retired” girlscout leader and has blended a family with five children (2 still at home) leaving her to lovingly wonder, “Will there ever be a time when they’re all out of the house before we retire?”

Statement of Aims: Our professional organizations and our librarian colleagues have been such a lifeline, especially in this tumultuous year, with sharing resources, innovations, empathy and wisdom with abundance and generosity. I would be honored to have the opportunity to give back if elected to the role of MLGSCA President-Elect. I believe we are in a time where our ability to adapt and thrive continues to be tested and a critical role of MLGSCA is to showcase practical ideas and new strategies to better enable us to respond to continuous change, complexity, uncertainty and opportunities in our hospitals, medical centers, academic organizations and other institutions. While we are all a bit “Zoom fatigued” we’ve learned that virtual networking and education has a role as an effective strategy to provide convenience, connection and access and I would like to incorporate it into some of our continuing education offerings. If used well, it can be harnessed as a tool to support and possibly even grow our membership by offering opportunities for more members to participate and take fuller advantage of their membership benefits. At my own organization, our librarians have been at the table for important conversations about strategies, resources, and actions to bring diversity, inclusion and equity to our patients and our community and I would like to share and learn from others on this important topic as well as examine opportunities for MLGSCA. I recognize with regional reorganization, that a critical role of the President will be to work with our committees and our membership to foster community as our region transitions, to acknowledge the impact these changes will have, and to explore new opportunities the changes may provide. I am excited to see what the road ahead will offer. Thank you for your consideration of my nomination to become your President-Elect.

Kevin Pardon

Kevin Pardon is a Health Sciences librarian at Arizona State University where he serves as a liaison to the faculty, students, and staff at ASU’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation and College of Health Solutions. In this role, he leads instruction sessions, assists with literature searches, and develops online learning modules – among many other things. Kevin joined MLGSCA six years ago when he moved to Arizona from Michigan and is a graduate of the Library & Information Science program at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a current member of MLGSCA’s Research Committee, MLA’s Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section (NAHRS), and MLA’s Research Section. He has also previously served as president-elect and president of Central Arizona’s local group of health sciences librarians (CABL). He looks forward to the potential opportunity to become Treasurer and serve MLGSCA in this role.
Ivan Portillo

Ivan Portillo, MLIS, AHIP, is the Health Sciences librarian and Coordinator of Rinker Campus Library Services at the Leatherby Libraries at Chapman University. He is the subject liaison for the School of Pharmacy as well as the departments of physical therapy, physician assistant, and communication sciences and disorders in the Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences. He oversees the Health Sciences Study Commons at the Harry and Diane Rinker Health Science Campus, where he provides reference, instruction, and research services. Ivan has been a health sciences librarian since 2013 and has actively involved in MLGSCA since 2016. He has been a member of the Awards Committee since 2018 and was nominated to be a member of the Nominating Committee in 2017. In 2017 Ivan was also awarded an MLGSCA First Time AHIP Award.
MLA Chapter Representatives
Danielle Linden

Danielle Linden, MLIS, AHIP-D is the Medical Library Manager at Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, CA. She works with a team of library professionals serving physicians and caregivers across the Providence Health System as well as the School of Health Professions at University of Providence. Danielle received her MLIS from San Jose State University, has been a hospital librarian and MLA member since 2005 and an AHIP member since 2006. She is active in her local MLA chapter, MLGSCA, and has held various roles including President, Secretary, Annual Joint Conference Tri-Chair, and is currently the AHIP MLA Chapter Credentialing liaison. Danielle has served on several MLA awards and annual conference juries and is a current member of the Hospital Libraries and Nursing & Allied Health Resources & Services caucuses.
Mary White

Mary E. White served as the pharmacy librarian at Kaiser Permanente in the Drug Information Services Department until 2018. Previously, she worked at the Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center as well as the Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center where she managed the Libraries and Physician Education Departments. Mary has been an active member of MLGSCA and MLA since 1984, and was elected President of MLGSCA, July 2012- June 2014. She served two terms as President due to the President-Elect relocating to the east coast. Mary also served in the Past-President role in 2014-2015 and Chair of the Nominating Committee 2014-2015. In addition, Mary was Chair of the MLGSCA Government/Bylaws Committee 2009-2011. Currently, Mary is serving on the MLGSCA Nominating Committee 2019-2021. Mary has presented posters at both MLGSCA and MLA, most recently at the 2017 MLA meeting in Seattle, WA. Mary graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master of Library Science and holds a Bachelor’s degree in history.
MLGSCA Nominating Committee
Nora Franco

Thank you for your invitation to serve on the MLGSCA Nominating Committee! I hope to continue my work advocating for BIPOC representation in health sciences librarianship in this role. I’m currently the Consumer Health Librarian for the Network of the National Library of Medicine Pacific Southwest Region (NNLM PSR) at the UCLA Biomedical Library. I started in August 2018, and made it my mission to expand the Consumer Health Information Outreach Program to focus on underrepresented and underserved minority communities. Working with multiple librarians in the MLGSCA region, I’ve achieved this goal by completing the following:
• The Medical Library Association COVID-19 Resource Page
• Project Coordinator for the University of Arizona Health Sciences Library COVID-19 Information Dissemination Award to LatinX and Native American communities
• Established the first NNLM BIPOC LIS Student Professional Development Award in the MLGSCA region
• Produced first NNLM Transgender Health webinar series
Andrea Lynch

Andrea Lynch,, serves as the scholarly communication librarian and is a member of the Center for Informatics Division of Library Services team at City of Hope in Duarte, California. Andrea received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from UC Berkeley, and her master’s degree from the UCLA Graduate School of Library and Information Studies. She began her librarian career at the UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library where she was a Health & Life Sciences Librarian and Outreach & Communication Coordinator responsible for research assistance, information literacy, and collections management, as well as coordinating exhibits, outreach events and other activities to increase health information access. Her current research interests include identifying barriers to complying with the NIH Public Access Policy. Although she has been an inactive MLGSCA member for quite some t

MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award

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On behalf of the Awards Committee

MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award

Nomination deadline is July 1st


The purpose of the MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award is to honor an outstanding library staff in a health sciences library and to recognize the critical role and important contributions library staff make to the development and evolution of modern health sciences libraries and librarianship.

Considerations/criteria for nominating a library staff for this award include, but are not limited to, a library staff without a Library Master’s degree that:

Nominations can be made by any MLGSCA member and sent to the Awards Committee chair. Please use the available formNomination deadline is July 1st.

Frequency and Number of Awards
The MLGSCA Library Staff Excellence Award is given annually to one outstanding library staff in a health sciences library.  If there are no suitable candidates nominated, the award is not given. The award is usually presented by the MLGSCA President during the Fall Meeting.

Claudio Garcia wins MLGSCA Staff Scholarship

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On Behalf of the Awards Committee

To Claudio Garcia on being awarded the MLGSCA Staff Scholarship!

Claudio is currently a Library Science student at the University of Arizona iSchool.

From his nomination:
“Having witnessed his creativity and flexibility during this extraordinary time, I have no doubt that CJ will be able to learn,
change, and grow in a positive direction over the longer term as he continues the pursuit of his master’s degree
and begins the pursuit of his professional career in health sciences librarianship.”

“I would highly recommend Claudio for this scholarship because he represents a new generation of librarians. He is excited to learn, grow, and participate in the library world.

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2021 Medical Libraries Group of Southern California and Arizona virtual spring symposium: Uplifting Community Voices



Sponsored by NNLM PSR and MLGSCA

MLGSCA invites you to our spring symposium: Uplifting Community Voices. Hear from community organizations, students, and librarians about health education in the time of COVID-19. Topics include health and our communities, racism in medicine, community engagement, health in bi-lingual populations and teen and youth health.

 This is a free one-day educational event. Registration link coming soon.

We understand another conference is also this day, but organizers planed in advance for this date and our presenters are set for March 25th. Keynote will include panelists from Native Health Phoenix, El Rio Community Health Center Tucson, Consulado de Mexico en Tucson-Ventanilla de Salud, and a Hawaiian Community Health Organization.

Questions: Contact Naomi Bishop @

Naomi Bishop Receives ALA’s “I Love My Librarian Award”

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Current MLGSCA chapter president Naomi Bishop has received the “I Love My Librarian” from the American Library Association. Naomi was among ten winners of this year’s award, continuing a tradition that has honored 130 librarians in all types of libraries since 2008. Naomi was nominated by several of her colleagues at the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix based on her impressive record of service to library users, her response to the COVID-19 pandemic, her advocacy for social justice, and her dedication to mentoring. Details of her award, including the nomination letter describing her accomplishments, can be found here:

New Workshop: Changing Publication Practices in the COVID-19 Era

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Virtual Workshop by the Friends of the National Library of Medicine (FNLM)
October 28, 2020; 11am – 1pm U.S. EDT
Agenda is on the FNLM website .
Changing Publication Practices in the COVID-19 Era
Acceleration of impactful scientific results dissemination is greatly needed with the
COVID-19 pandemic. Hear from leading experts who will discuss the latest trends of
releasing acceptable and effective scientific results through a variety of publication
types, related research data, and preprints.
The experts’ messages will benefit principal investigators, research laboratory
leaders, researchers, librarians, journal editors, as well as users of biomedical
research discoveries.
Workshop objectives include:
1. How to meet NIH expectations for research productivity most effectively
2. The latest trends of acceptable and effective scientific publication
3. Where and how can research data be stored for reuse
4. The latest electronic research dissemination services and resources
Wednesday, October 28, 2020 ( times are U.S. EDT )
Time Session
11:00 AM Welcome and introductions
11:05 AM
Plenary: NIH expectations for publication of
research results
Michael Lauer, Deputy Director for Extramural
Research, NIH (confirmed)
11:25 AM Panel I: New developments in publication
Moderator: Elaine Martin, MSLS, DA (Countway
Library, Harvard University)
12:05 PM Break
12:10 PM Panel II: Data publication and preservation
Moderator: Jean Shipman,MSLS, AHIP, FMLA
12: 50 PM Closing comments
Visit the event page to access materials associated with this virtual workshop.
Individual early registration: $35 (until September 30, 2020)
Individual registration: $65 (October 1-27, 2020)
One-time registration for the series (all three workshops): $95
Sponsorship Opportunities
A wide range of sponsorship opportunities are available to get your message in
front of a large audience of researchers and library professionals. For details, email
Ann Hill, Operations Manager, Friends of the National Library of Medicine:
About the FNLM Virtual Workshop Series
The Virtual Workshop Series from the Friends of the National Library of Medicine
include the following events:
1. Changing Publication Practices in the COVID-19 Era – October 28, 2020
2. Real World Data and Electronic Health Records in Clinical Research – December 2,
3. Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Discovery – January 27, 2021
? Oxford PharmaGenesis Ltd (Workshop Series Sponsor)
? BMJ Publishing Group Ltd (Plenary Sponsor)

Nine Months Later

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Note: The following is a report submitted by Deb Schneider, M.Ed, MLIS, HonorHealth, this year’s winner of the chapter’s professional development award.

If truth be told, the last time I reflected on how different “nine months later” would look probably dates back to my first pregnancy. An imperfect comparison to be sure as that time was filled with joyful expectation. This time, my “nine months later” feels more a mixture of concern, hope, uncertainty, commitment to (but mixed success with) not sweating the small stuff, admiration of and thankfulness for my colleagues, and optimism of better days ahead.  I submit for consideration that this description is an accurate summation of my 2020 MLA conference experience as well.

It’s difficult to remind myself of my expectations in January 2020 when I hit the submit button in hopes of having a lightening talk accepted for MLA. My worries seem small now.  Would my submission be accepted?  Could I convince my leadership to support my first-time attendance to MLA especially in an environment where our 2020 department education/travel budget had been slashed to eight dollars (yes, eight)? If they said no, could I pull together enough resources and personal funds to attend?

Fast forward past MLA acceptance, the emergence of COVID, lock-down, moving to remote work, conference postponement, disparities, surges,  AZ as “hotspot”, reimagination to a virtual MLA meeting, non-clinical cutbacks and partial furloughs at my organization,  protests, a generous award from MLGSCA facilitating my opportunity to still participate, approval to attend…

Arrival to MLA Live Action Week. The week was packed with back-to-back activities, posters, exhibits, and choices and is a testament to the dedication of the staff and conference team for what I’m certain amounted to hundreds of hours of planning and converting from the live meeting to a virtual format.   As an attendee, the ability to move at a click from one virtual room to another encouraged me to dive in topic after topic with few breaks and sometimes to sample simultaneously occurring topics in a way I could never have done in person. I went into information overdrive. Rookie mistake one of attending a virtual conference – this is not a smorgasbord – next time, choose well but choose less.

Looking at the numbers, I feel like I was not alone in the smorgasbord approach. Some stats from the week:

Rookie mistake two – the virtual conference environment of sitting at a computer in my kitchen was a replay of the last three months of my worklife. I struggled with disconnecting from my job and I found myself much more likely to check in on work issues, answer emails, and to initiate or respond to texts from my staff between sessions. Next time – protected time and better self-discipline to disconnect from work.  If I could provide you one takeaway for virtual conference participation, it would be this one.

I also missed the personal connections that occur at conferences and I’m not sure how to do that better. I participated but there is a separateness to the virtual experience. I missed the chit-chat, where are you from? What do you do? element that flows so much more easily in person.

Content highlights?  Impossible to do justice to as there were so many. My personal list:

What went well? I participated – heavily as I said – in larger lectures, small breakouts, viewing posters, posting questions. I experienced the other side by being a presenter with the same pop in/pop out behaviors of my attendees – some lurking, some engaging me in numerous questions.  While I missed the connection that an in-person presentation offers, this format was surprisingly interactive for my session and ran overtime with one particularly enthusiastic attendee who is eager to replicate our program in her setting which I found exciting and rewarding. I’m eager to help her organization should she wish to proceed. And I’m grateful for the opportunity to have attended.  If I get to go back virtually next year, I’ll implement my rookie lessons. If we get to attend in person, I look forward to meeting my many inspiring, dedicated colleagues in person.

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